For Micron Products, it’s all in a name


Those who live in Fitchburg and nearby communities know it as Micron Products Inc. But good luck finding a stock listing once you’re told the maker of medical and automobile components (as well as blunt weapons) is a public entity.

That’s because the parent firm of Micron is called Arrhythmia Research Technology Inc. It’s rather bizarre, because Arrhythmia’s only holding is… Micron.

Well, somebody apparently decided enough of that.

Arrhythmia announced on Thursday that effective March 24, its corporate name will change to Micron Solutions Inc. The business on Sawyer Passway in downtown Fitchburg, best known for its contract manufacturing of electrocardiography products, will still be called Micron Products. But close enough.

The company’s stock ticker symbol, currently “HRT” (for heart, get it?) will change to “MICR.” Shares will continue to trade on the New York Stock Exchange.

This is a simple, and quite frankly, long overdue move that should help the 100-employee company attract some local investor attention.

Micron — ahem, Arrhythmia — is due to report fourth-quarter and year-end results for 2016 sometime in the next week. I’ll comment more then.

Shares closed Thursday at $4.10. They’re up 7.9 percent so far this year.


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